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Kids of Concern

Magnificent!!  This book ‘Kids of Concern’ has been masterfully crafted with suspense, compassion and intrigue, that makes this book hard to put down.  The characters and plot have been intricately woven and it is easy to form pictures in your mind as his writing plays out like a movie.  Perry Logan is a brilliant writer, and I cannot wait to read more from him.  Highly recommended!
-Janine Fulla
Kids of Concern grabbed my imagination early and made it hard to put it down. If you enjoy a story with lots of mystery and left and right turns then this book is for you. Great characters, lots of story lines and an ending I never saw coming.
-Steve Parson

Kids of Concern Synopsis!

Carol envisions a plan for a better world. With the help of some brilliant kids, and a team of specifically trained adults, she’s on the verge of accomplishing her goal to build an organization capable of managing the world’s governments. Along with her grandson, Joshua Small, she recruits other gifted adolescents to accomplish what she cannot, assigning each a key high-tech project that will ultimately change the world. Unfortunately, Carol’s definition of recruitment is the police’s definition of abduction.

Together, in an island complex, Carol’s organization builds and executes the steps required to take over the North American governments. Her goal? To do it without anyone ever being the wiser.

Kids of Concern combines adventure, suspense, murder, deceit, politics, and a world of high-tech gadgetry and artificial intelligence. Crossing the borders of the USA and Canada, the story takes the reader to places and situations believable in the context of today’s political headlines. The conclusion of the book reveals an unexpected plot twist and leaves the door open for more.

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My name is Perry Logan, and I live in Alberta with my wife. We have three grown children and two (so far) amazing grandkids that keep us young at heart. Writing a novel was never something that was on my bucket list and in fact, I hadn’t read a novel for almost five years. It wasn’t what I did.

Then one day I decided I needed a nap. When I woke a few hours later the storyline for Kids of Concern was born. And now three years later, I’m extremely excited to be launching; Kids of Concern. I wrote everyday and found a passion I didn’t know existed in me. I finished the book because I learned to love and embrace the story and the characters became real. The story is fiction, but many of the locations and characters are based on experiences and friendships I had growing up.

I hope you enjoy my first adventure into writing, and I’ll be releasing my second novel in the summer of 2021. It will be the sequel to Kids of Concern and will be called; Kids of Concern – The Continuation.